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Disputes over children’s sports after divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2022 | Firm News |

Sports are a huge part of children’s lives in America. According to the CDC, 54 percent of children aged 6 to 17 participated in youth sports in 2020. Unfortunately, for divorcing parents, sports represent another obstacle to overcome.

The courts will settle a divorce with the children’s best interest in mind. Youth sports might be essential to your child’s ability to navigate the divorce, so do not take the issue lightly.

Parenting time overlaps with sports

Communication is essential for co-parenting, and this becomes even more so with sports. You must develop a pickup and drop-off arrangement that satisfies both sides and does not leave your child wanting. When negotiating parenting time, things like uniforms, equipment, and practice time must come into your discussions.

Paying for sports is part of the custody arrangement

Sports cost money. Deciding who must pay for them might be a part of the custody arrangement. Courts become involved if you cannot agree. If your ex-spouse has no interest in the child playing sports, you must demonstrate to the court how the extracurricular activity is in the child’s best interest. Sometimes, this requires a custody modification so you can have the child during their sports season.

Attending games requires interacting with your ex

Usually, the courts do not get involved when attending games with your ex-spouse. Even in the case of restraining orders, sometimes courts allow both parents to attend games. However, if it becomes a problem to be in the vicinity of your ex, you must decide based on your child’s needs and not your ego.

Parents want their children to succeed regardless of their relationship with their ex-spouse. Communicate with your spouse, and put your child’s needs before any personal issues.