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Protecting Business Interests In Divorce

You may have recently started a business, or you may run an established family business. In either case, if you are divorcing, you need a family law attorney who also understands business law.

At Silverman, Tokarsky & Forman, L.L.C, you will have a team of experienced lawyers working for you. We collaborate on cases, sharing our knowledge so each client receives comprehensive counsel. If you are a business owner or spouse of a business owner facing divorce, our Pennsylvania family law and business law attorneys will work together to protect your interests. Please call our offices in Johnstown, Somerset and Windber at 814-792-2412 to learn more.

We Are Experienced In Family Law And Business Law

We represent business owners and spouses in divorces that involve:

  • Professional practices
  • Family businesses and partnerships
  • Startups and entrepreneurships
  • Privately held companies
  • Commercial real estate holdings

Additionally, we will help you divide retirement plans, pensions, benefits and other investment assets. We will also alert you to potential tax consequences of the division of these assets. We often work with business valuation experts and financial professionals to provide you with a thorough understanding of the issues when a business is at stake.

You can rely on us for aggressive, strategic litigation. We have the skill and persistence to take a complex divorce to trial and tell your story persuasively.

Put Our Team Of Attorneys To Work For You

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