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Protecting your relationship with children during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2022 | Divorce |

Divorces can permanently change the dynamic of your relationship with your children. You may find it more challenging to connect with them and have them see you as a positive influence in their lives.

Here are ways to protect your relationship with your kids during a divorce.

Show consistency

It is important to your child that you show up in their lives. A divorce does not change this situation for your child and, in many cases, makes your consistent presence even more impactful to them.

Maintain communication

Communicating with your child about your life, their life and the changes on the horizon is a crucial element to a strong relationship. In line with communication, listening openly and intently is a vital part of your relationship with your child.

Attend extracurricular activities

Your children will notice when one parent attends their activities while the other does not. They invest time into their extracurricular activities and take pride in their accomplishments. Your dedication to attending their extracurricular activities can support a strong relationship during your divorce.

Prioritize quality time

The quality time spent with your children, regardless of the activity, is vital to cementing your relationship with your child. Whenever possible, you can use your time to watch your child instead of using a babysitter or dropping them off at daycare. Also, it is critical to manage your work schedule and communicate with your employer to ensure that you do not miss pre-planned quality time.

Many ways you can protect your relationship with your children revolve around staying committed to parental support despite the disruption a divorce may cause. It is essential to show your kids that a divorce will not change your dedication to them as a parent.