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Can you force an ex to help out more with kids?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2021 | Divorce |

Divorce with children creates a lifetime bond with your ex. Raising kids together after breaking up requires a commitment to co-parenting that not all ex-spouses understand.

When the weight of parenting falls squarely on your shoulders, the stress may make you question some of the terms of your decree and parenting plan. If your ex is not sticking to your post-divorce agreements, you have options. Discover some measures you may ask the court to take when a former spouse is not co-parenting according to plan.

Schedule changes

Following a divorce, children need consistency to thrive. When one parent always shows up, and the other does not, the fallout may come in the form of your children’s mental and emotional health. If your ex is not sticking to your parenting plan schedule, perhaps ask for a modification. You may first try doing it between the two of you and developing something that works better. However, if it seems that your ex is taking too little time with the kids, you may want to consult the court.

Financial modification

If you find yourself with the children more, you may pay the price physically and financially. The court likely considered parenting time when calculating your child support payment. When the number of overnights increases, the money may have to as well. This may necessitate a financial modification. You may have to show a substantial change in your circumstances to get the court to collect more from your ex. Having the children much more than your original plan set forth may fulfill this prong.

Asking for the court’s intervention in enforcing post-decree agreements may force your ex to start pitching in. Doing so not only benefits you but also the relationship with the children.