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Does Pennsylvania allow you to divorce without an attorney?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2020 | Divorce |

Divorce may be an unpleasant and an emotionally draining process for some people. For such, you will witness a lot of back and forth struggle as no one wants to come into an agreement with the other. But for other people, the process may be swift and smooth since they consent that divorce is the best option left for both parties.

Since Pennsylvania is a no-fault state, it provides a favorable environment for a consensual divorce. According to Divorcenet, an online legal publication by Nolo, a no-fault state means that you do not have to give any reason whatsoever as to why you want to end your marriage.

When both you and your spouse agree to have a divorce in Pennsylvania, you may proceed with the process without hiring a lawyer. You will only need to decide on how to divide your assets, and on matters regarding child custody and alimony. For you to legally file for a mutual consent divorce, you need to sign an affidavit showing that both of you agree to the divorce.

There are several other legal documents you and your spouse need to sign in front of a notary before you may legalize your divorce. You can find these legal documents from the country courthouse or online legal websites. According to the Legal Beagle, they include a Marital Settlement Agreement, a petition form, a child custody form, a jurisdiction form, and a decree form.

You will need the services of an attorney when you do not agree on how to divide your marital property or when your spouse has a lawyer helping them with the process.