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Women face challenges after later-life divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2020 | Divorce |

For those in Pennsylvania who decide to divorce after age 50, a number of factors come into sharper focus. For example, a divorce later in life may be affected by health issues, it could affect finances to a greater degree and it could involve a complicated division of assets. 

According to an article in Advisor Perspectives, women face up to 12 unique challenges after a divorce, with many of these issues exacerbated by age. Many of these situations hinge on finances, including the following: 

  • Women earn less than men 
  • They start investing later in life 
  • They tend to invest more conservatively than men 
  • They live longer, requiring more resources 

While financial issues are important, many social issues affect women after a divorce as well. Women are more likely to face demands for caring for both children and grown parents. Women are also more likely to face elder abuse at some point in their lives. Older women are also less likely to remarry after divorce. 

Each person’s divorce situation is unique. Fortunately, many strategies exist to help women cope with a divorce later in life. An article in Midlife Divorce Recovery lists a number of steps to take in the aftermath of divorce. Many strategies involve reaching out to professionals and friends for help. If issues of depression arise, a qualified doctor can help. This may also be a good time to revisit life goals and change them accordingly. Finally, placing an emphasis on being around positive people can produce many benefits.