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You can control the health care you will receive in the future

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Pennsylvania readers know that the choices they make today can affect their futures. This is especially true in the estate planning process. There are steps you can take to protect your future interests, financial security and much more. Through your estate planning efforts, you can even outline the type of health care you may want in case of a medical emergency.

Health care planning is an important step for everyone, no matter his or her age or current health status. It is impossible to predict what will happen down the road, but you have the right to have a say in what will happen to your body in case you experience a serious injury or sickness. You can do this by drafting a health care power of attorney. 

Medical care in the future

You may not know what type of medical care you may need at some point down the road, but there are things you may want to plan for in the event that you are ever in a position where you are unable to express your wishes for yourself. It may be helpful to understand the following about a health care power of attorney:

  • This document would name a person to make medical decisions on your behalf in case of incapacitation.
  • The person you name as your representative cannot overrule any decisions you make in your living will.
  • It is important to name a person you trust who will be able to keep your best interests in mind, no matter how stressful your situation may be. 

When drafting this type of document, you may also find it useful to consider drafting a living will as well. A living will outlines specific types of care you do or do not want. A health care power of attorney will apply to situations not specifically mentioned in your living will. 

Work with an estate planning attorney who cares

Estate planning is a complex and emotionally challenging process. You will find significant benefit in relying on an attorney who will work diligently to keep your best interests in mind above all else.

Drafting these important legal documents works best when you have an experienced legal ally by your side. This will eliminate the chance of complications and confusion over your estate plan in the future. As you craft a plan that suits your needs and objectives, do not forget to consider the health care needs you may have at some point.