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Let Us Take Care Of Estate Administration For You

Being named the executor/administrator of an estate or a trustee is an enormous responsibility. You will have to follow complex legal procedures and make decisions during a time when you are likely grieving. It is often overwhelming if you try to administer an estate or trust by yourself.

We can help you through the estate administration, probate and trust administration process. When you work with an experienced team of Pennsylvania estate planning attorneys, these processes can be much easier. To learn how we can assist you during this difficult time, please call 814-792-2412.

Estate Administration, Trust Administration And Orphans’ Court Litigation

We represent executors, administrators and trustees, ensuring that we properly fulfill all administration duties. While you can try to settle an estate or administer a trust without a lawyer, we do not recommend it. It is too easy to make a mistake and find yourself personally responsible for the error.

In estate administration, we will carefully execute each step. In general, this includes filing all necessary documents, opening the estate, paying its bills, distributing the assets and closing the estate.

We can also take care of trust administration for you. Our lawyers will handle the process, including gathering and distributing the assets to beneficiaries, paying the bills and taxes, and filing tax returns and additional documents.

Do you have a dispute over an estate, will or trust? Our attorneys represent clients in Orphans’ Court litigation. We have the trial skill and experience to protect your interests in court when an agreement cannot be reached.

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